• Will there be new material added?

Yes! There will be content added regularly! I strive to make your life easier and more effective!

  • What can I expect with my membership?

You can expect to have access to regularly added new content. Also, you have access to not only lessons plans, homework, and test, along with a community of teachers (including myself!) for support and ideas!

  • Are the documents/lesson plans editable?

Yes! All the documents are either in Powerpoint or Word documents. As a special education teacher, I know first hand that not all classes are created equal so feel free to edit the lesson plans and homework assignments to best fit your individual classes!

  • Will there be training videos?

Yes! There will be training videos/webinars added in the near future! If you have any ideas for training videos, please feel free to contribute an idea: kathy@prealgebrateachers.com