Hi! My name is Kathy Martin! If you are an over-worked and stressed out Prealgebra teacher, you are in the right place. Launched in 2015, as a community for Prealgebra teachers looking to save time lesson planning and spend more time with family, this site is a quickly growing collective of the best Prealgebra teachers from around the country.

If you teach Prealgebra and are looking for already-made lesson plans to save time and to be able to spend more time with your family, you will feel right at home here. We are a community of Prealgebra teachers here to support and encourage you in your Prealgebra classroom.

I have known that I wanted to be a teacher since the 4th grade. My 4th grade teacher was amazing and inspired me to want to teach children. I was that girl who would be “teaching” anything I could to my stuffed animal “students.” I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. I have been a special education teacher for ten years, specializing in Prealgebra for the last seven years. I started this site because when I first began teaching Math in 2010, I was new to my school teaching a subject that I had never taught before. I was given a key to my classroom, a textbook, and was told “Good Luck.” I felt alone. I felt lost. I felt like I wanted to quit.

I was spending HOURS of my days searching online for quality lesson plans because I did not like the curriculum that I was given. I had to create ALL of my own Prealgebra lesson plans, notes, homework, tests…you name it. I quickly realized that I was spending more time in my classroom than with the people that I hold dearest in my life. I knew that there were other teachers who felt the same way and I also knew that I didn’t want other teachers to be going through what I was experiencing.

I created the Prealgebrateachers.com site to provide lesson plans for teachers so that we can save time and stress from lesson planning. I want all Prealgebra teachers to be able to leave school at a reasonable hour so that we can have more time with our families and loved ones. I strive to provide a community of support of fellow Prealgebra teachers because teaching can be a lonely and isolating profession. I want you to be the best Prealgebra teacher that you can be for your students!

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