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We are so excited to invite you to join our comminity! Here is everything you will have instant access to when you are part of our community!

Community Of Teachers

By joining our community, you will be part of a network of teachers who will support you at every step of your career.

Powerpoint Lesson Plans

All lesson plans are in Powerpoint Format easily accessible wherever you may be!

Daily Warm Ups

Access daily warm-ups where you class can review daily skills.

Mobile Games

Easily access mobile games that you can play in the classroom!

Daily Practice Problems

Access daily practice problems to go along with each Powerpoint Lesson Plan!

“ I LOVE your lesson plans! I am definitely only spending a few minutes a week now lesson planning!” 

Gina - Teacher

“Amazing Product. My students truly love this and so do I! It truly has been extremely helpful in me making my students successful! Thank you tons!!”

Michelle T. - Teacher

“I am a special education teacher. We just got done with teaching these concepts. This is my first year teaching math and it has been rough. I am so glad this group has been formed. Thank you!” 

Melissa - Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I join now? If you join now, you will have the exclusive opportunity to be part of the Beta launch group. While the PreAlgebra Teachers Community is still growing, you will have more access to me since our group is small. As part of the Beta group, you will be locked in at the current low rate for the life of your membership, as long as you don't leave the membership (If you rejoin, you will rejoin at a higher price).  

Will there be new material added? Yes! There will be content added regularly! I strive to make your life easier and more effective!

What can I expect with my membership? You can expect to have access to regularly added new content. Also, you have access to lessons plans, homework, and test, along with a community of teachers (including myself!) for support and ideas!

Are the documents/lesson plans editable? Yes! All the documents are either in Powerpoint or Word documents. As a fellow teacher, I know first hand that not all classes are created equal so feel free to edit the lesson plans and homework assignments to best fit your individual classes!

Will there be training videos? Yes! There will be training videos/professional development workshops added regularly!